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  • Rating of the social stability of the Fund;

  • Qualitative research;

  • Reputation audit.


  • Social support for the dismissed workers;

  • Coordination and forecasting of production vacancies.


  • Expert communications;

  • Managing the Single portal;

  • Interaction with the civil sector and the media.

Perception of the company

The prevailing part of employees of the production sector of SWF Samruk-Kazyna perceive their employers positively

77% of production workers are likely to recommend their employers to friends and acquaintances and are proud of their work in the company.

The staff of SWF Samruk-Kazyna has a positive attitude and desire to build effective communications.

The vast majority of staff is loyal leaders and ready to follow  their strategic decisions.

Industrial workers trust strategic decisions of the leadership
Of the production employees are satisfied with the relations in the team
Of employees are ready to recommend their company as a good employer
Of workers in the manufacturing sector say they are proud of their work in the company

Socio-demographic portrait

The production personnel of SWF Samruk-Kazyna are mostly represented by male employees aged 25-34

The contrast in gender composition between workers in the production and administrative sectors is clearly manifested.

The share of young people (under 35 years) in the administrative staff (41%) is higher than the production staff (38%).

70% of workers in the production sector of SWF Samruk-Kazyna have been working in their current company for more than 5 years

Workers belong to the male sex
Of employees work more than 10 years
Of the administrative and managerial staff of women
Of workers in the manufacturing sector under the age of 35

Using external communication tools

Perception of the external environment by employees of industrial personnel of Samruk-Kazyna JSC is formed under the decisive influence of the Internet

Most of the workers in the production sector (93%) are Internet users.

More than 80% of employees use Internet services every day, and about half of them use several times a day.

At the same time 80% of production workers note that they use only information resources.

Workers use the Internet daily
Of employees use the Internet for work purposes
Of employees turn to the Internet for self-education
Of production workers use the Internet to receive news

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