About us

The Center for Social Cooperation and Communications is a platform for social and labor relations regulation and social partnership principles development.

The Center cooperates with Kazakhstan and foreign analytical and scientific-educational centers: Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA), Nazarbayev University, ALMAU, St. Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Dubna State University, National Agrarian Research and Education Center, Kazakhstan PhD Association in Great Britain, Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Center strong analytical group, where graduates from master programs of well-known international schools in the field of sociology work, pursues in-depth (detailed) and quantitative research for 300 or more companies in various economic sectors annually.

The Center has the most branched network around the country – more than 1200 places of polling, where 40 000 workers fill in questionnaires annually.

The Center team of specialists in change management specialize in social adaptation of the dismissed personnel.

The Center Communication Group is represented by a team of professionals with an experience in large-scale events organization, building anti-crisis and strategic communications, PR-promotion and implementing unique projects in the corporate sector.

The Center Communication Group develops information resources and professional communities to promote corporate management best practices and unify internal communications at the Fund.

Internal information resource - "Муportal.kz" unified corporate portal, maintained by the Center, unites more than 43 thousand registered users of the group of companies of "Samruk-Kazyna" JSC. Target coverage of the “SK news” corporate newspaper is 300 thousand employees.

The Trade Union Leadership School, opened by the Center, prepares union leaders in accordance with the current trends and ILERA recommendations.

The School of Internal Communications has flexible modular programs that focused on upgrading specialists’ qualifications and conducting strategic sessions.

The Center has experience in monitoring disturbing reputation zones and in developing professional communities: the youth expert advisory council, the ombudsman club, the mediator’s pool, in order to improve the efficiency of the companies and reduce the social tension risks. The Center is the inspiration for the Corporate Media Club organization for creating a united information space, consolidating corporate resources and sharing experiences.

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