• The research tools chosen individually taking into account the specifics of the research subject;
  • eveloped based on the experience of global best practices (Axes Mng and Ecopsi, Gallup) and common standardised approaches to research based on the existing internal system features.

The rankings

The social stability rating

Personnel evaluation

 Employee engagement


Satisfaction with services the service units of the

The study of relationships changes

Attitude to pension reform, privatization, transformation

Reputation audit

Conducting a reputation audit of companies

Qualitative research

In-depth point study post-project support


Employees of companies that are subject to sokrasheniy connection congenial production volumes


  • Assistance painless reduction of staff;
  • Reducing the risks of social tensions;
  • The creation of an ecosystem that allows you to peretrudites and no demand to retrain employees;
  • Promote the development of private enterprise.


  • Providing psychological assistance to workers;
  • Providing advice to the employer;
  • Coordination of interaction among the stakeholders (company, employee, government authorities, NGOs and other authorities);
  • Improving financial and legal literacy;
  • The development of skills that promote entrepreneurship among workers to be reduced


Directions for building communications

  • The creation of an ecosystem of communications;
  • Effective ideological organization of work (inspiration, high commitment,
  • The formation and nurturing of a national expert pool on the main issues
  • Promotion of corporate values;
  • Training of top managers and employees communication skills;
  • Communication implementation and support projects (for example, the implementation of
    transformation program in portfolio companies).


Works on building and communications management

  • Development of an internal communications strategy of JSC “Samruk-Kazyna” with the plan of actions until 2020.;
  • Modernization is “a Single”;
  • Meetings of the Advisory Board (including youth);
  • The creation and organization of the work of communication platforms;
  • Edition of corporate newspaper “SK NEWS”;
  • Communication projects for the implementation of the transformation program in the group of companies of the Fund.