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"Samruk Research Services”
Personnel evaluation
Employee engagement
Reputation audit
Conducting companies reputation audit
Satisfaction with services the service units of the
The study of relationships changes
Attitude to pension reform, privatization, transformation
Qualitative research
In-depth point study, post-project support
Research tools


Chosen individually taking in accordance with the specifics of the researched subject

Based on the experience of best global practices and common standardized research approaches including the existing internal system features


«Samruk Research Services”
  • A real assessment of personnel, communication and social policies through the moods and opinions of employees
  • Involvement
  • Working conditions
  • Communications and Relationships
  • Labor unions activity
  • Staff involvement increase
  • Social and labor conflicts prevention, companys’ social and communication policies development
  • Patented methodology based on the best world practices
  • Experience from 2013
  • Anonymity of questionnaires in Kazakh and Russian languages
  • Coverage of more than 280 companies with a total sample size of about 40 thousand people
  • High assessment of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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